if you are beginning 

You always wanted to learn how to draw like those people who you admire so much? You even dream of writing one day your own book? You would like to create and craft gifts for your loved ones and others? But somehow you always get in front of a big wall and get hurt by the knife of doubt?

Your fears always pull you down? And you face the following negative thoughts : I am not good enough, I am not talented enough, what would others think, and your sleepless nights you only feel the desire in your entire body that you would like to create but you don’t dare?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are in the right place, I will help you to solve all your fears and obstacles which stop you from living your dream. I am going to be by your side while we find all the detours and diminish your fears, negative way of thinking so that you find your inner peace.

In the state of FLOW you can achieve and live the creative life you always wanted, let’s build this road together and enjoy your loving creations.

if you are stuck

Creative lifestyle has its many joys and rewards but also its struggles. Do you feel that no one understands you? You would like to talk about the hardship of creating, but you don’t have someone who would seriously listen to you? You got stuck and you didn’t know how to go forward? Did you even consider giving up creating forever?

Honestly, I have. This is the reason I can totally understand you, and support you on your journey, getting over obstacles, because I have been through them several times. Thanks to my psychology degree I can provide you active listening, full confidentiality, guiding questions and creative exercises.

This way you can get through easier to the hard periods and together we can find the best solution to get over this block you encountered. By doing this you will get to experience the joy and rewards of this magnificent journey.

I provide the helping silence to grow.

You can choose from the following packages: