My entire life was defined by 2 important factors. Helping my fellow people through active listening and creating in as many artistic fields as possible. Thanks to fate I could spend my first 8 years of school in Waldorf class (which is a reformist school system), where I learned and tried more than 20 different creative endeavours, from drawing through beading to wood carving, many crafting and artistic activities where touched. I dare to say thanks to my experience and finishing psychology university that I truly understand the depths of a creative lifestyle, I can provide the support and guidance needed to find the best solutions to obstacles.

I live in the heart of Romania with my little puppy called Buffy and my parents as my neighbors. I spend my days mostly pursuing my creating dreams, like making my products for the webshop, writing, taking photos and other. As a freelancer and creative entrepreneur everything depends on me, but rarely when I have a little spare time I love going out with my friends, going to cinema or supporting my fellow artist friends.

My guest posts on other websites:

Writing by dictation: how to start, the cons and the pros



Waldorf general school


informatics-maths-English intensive class in high school


getting my CAE diploma (Cambridge Advanced English)


university of journalism


diploma of photography in 3 countries ( Romania, Hungary, United Kingdom)


university of psychology


positive psychotherapy masterclass

2017 June

becoming instructor of OH

2017 July

hosting my first self-development creative group

2017 September 20

my first live radio appearance (followed by 4 more)

2017 September

my 108-day of gratitude project which was attended by over 50 people

2017 November

writing my trilogy called UNITY, during NaNoWriMo


hosting daily writing prompts on Twitter at @kreasum

2018 July

starting my own youtube channel about creative lifestyle

2019 march 31st

launching my website KREASUM

We are all created beings, we have the capacity to be creative, we all create in every moment of our lives even if we do not realize this. Considering this everyone should be careful what creates in its life because we all have to suffer the consequences of our creation, be it good or bad.

Every thought, every emotion and every behaving creates something new, so if you want your life to be harmonious, happy, full of joy and peace, you have to think, feel and behave in this way. Darkness gives birth to darkness and light gives birth to light. Sad, destructing, bad thoughts and emotions, bad behaviour will not bring happiness, just the same feelings and result all over again, and again.

In a lot of cases, the solution to get out of a bad pattern used for years in a row IS to become creative, think, feel and behave in a creative manner. What you nourish in your soul and life that will grow bigger and bigger, draw your attention to creating beautiful things and everything will change.

WHAT IS CREATIVITY? Creativity, in reality, is a problem-solving capacity, the creative drive makes you do something different, try new things, new methods, routine here it does not have any place. Creativity tests consist in measuring how many different ways can you approach the same problem, how ingenious is someone and daring to try new and crazy things, even if knowing that it may or it may not work. My fav creativity test is this one:

If you wish you can print out and try for yourself how creative you are. After printing out you have to draw, everything that you consider can be drawn using those circles, in any way possible. There are no restrictions or guideline, creativity is unlimited, however, there is a time frame, 3 minutes.


I have come up with this concept in 2017 Spring when I wanted to start a self-knowledge group.

krea = created being, capable of creating, creativity, creative thinking etc.

SUM = from Latin, we are

kreaSUM = we all are created and we all create

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and other amazing artists

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